Eid Lunch 2017

Our Eid lunch for children and families is an eagerly anticipated annual event in the Ben Jonson calendar. On Friday we welcomed 200 family members into school to eat with their children. This was such a joyful occasion; many parents were quick to share their appreciation. The photographs below show the enjoyment and pleasure of everyone who attended. Lamisi and the team in the kitchen  were fantastic; they cooked over 800 meals and the food was delicious. The midday meal supervisors worked hard to keep water jugs replenished and the tables clean. The inclusion team, led by Dee did a great job in organising the whole event. My thanks go to all these teams (and the rest of the staff who helped out) who made the Eid Lunch a special occasion. Thank you to all of you who came to join us for lunch. I am sorry that we cannot invite all of you as the kitchen cannot manage to cook over 1000 meals!


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Sports Day 2017

On the 3rd and 5th of July, children competed in the annual Ben Jonson Sports Day. The event as always was highly competitive as children tried their hardest to win for their class. The day was split in two with field events taking place at school. Events included were vertical jump, long jump, javelin, hoola-hooping, dribbling in and out of the cones, catch the train and boccia.

At Shandy Park, we had the track events which included the 50 metre sprint, 50 metre hurdles, long distance run, egg and spoon race, sack race and the relay. It was a joy to see children cheering on their peers for each event and showing great sportsmanship to one another. A huge thank you also goes out to the parents and carers who came to encourage their child and create a wonderful atmosphere.

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Enterprise Week 2017

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Eid 2017

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Ben Jonson goes green for Grenfell!

877082386055430144_0_resizedJust like many other schools in the borough of Tower Hamlets, Ben Jonson Primary wanted to support and show solidarity with the residents of Grenfell Tower.

Staff and children were dressed in green on Friday and we’ve raised about ¬£500. Thank you all for your kind donations.


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Friendly football

On Friday 9th June, year 6 boys from Guardian Angels Primary School came to visit our school to play some friendly football matches. We played 3 games in total where children played to a very high standard and showcased their footballing abilities. Both schools showed great sportsmanship and it was great to see children offer words of encouragement to each other. We hope this is the start of regular competition between both schools across KS2.

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Dance Workshop

Today, students in their final year at London Contemporary Dance School delivered workshops to three year 6 classes at Ben Johnson Primary School, as part of their LC3 tour. The workshops were based on a Richard Alston piece called Strong Language, where the students were encouraged to create travelling pathways through the space using interesting movement ideas, whilst incorporating set movement material they had been taught earlier in the session. The children worked maturely in small groups, with an LC3 dancer to facilitate ideas, resulting in a lively sharing of the students work. LC3 then performed a short programme of dance, including an extract from Richard Alston’s, Strong Language, an improvised piece and a short duet devised by two of the LC3 students. Overall it was a wonderful day of sharing ideas and enjoying moving in the space.

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